Special thanks is due to Mark Kollasch for his insight into the message-dependency structure and for overall excellent architecture feedback. Many of the ideas in this project were given to me by him.

Thanks to Seiji Tanaka for writing a state machine system with me many years ago and sending me on a long journey of thinking about game architecture.

Thanks to Mitch Gerrard for being a genius and doing a bunch of graph theory problems with me.

Thanks to the Glitch City LA community for keeping me alive all these years of making games.

Thanks to the creators and maintainers of LÖVE, a wonderful framework which awakened me to the joys of lower-level game programming.

Thanks to the creators and maintainers of FNA. It’s a fantastic framework and I plan to use it for a long time.

Thanks to Beau Blyth and Adam Robezzoli for believing in my work and giving me the opportunity to put Encompass into practice in professional production.

My name is Evan Hemsley, and I am a game programmer and digital artist. I hope you make some great projects with Encompass, and if you do, please tell me about them!