Everyone has played, or at least heard of, Pong. Right? Right…


Pong was one of the first video games ever created and as such, it is extremely simple. We’re introducing a lot of new concepts with Encompass and the MECS architecture, so I think it’s a good choice to try re-implementing this game in Encompass as an example.

We’ll be developing this with the Encompass/FNA starter pack. Go ahead and set that up if you haven’t already so you can follow along. And please do follow along - you can do it!

I recommend following along with the tutorial by actually typing out the code rather than cut-and-pasting. You’ll be able to follow the structure of what’s happening much better. Think of it like taking notes.

If at any point you become confused in the tutorial, feel free to ask questions in our Discord server or file an issue report on our Gitea Issues page. You can also take a look at the exact tutorial code in the GitHub repo.